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Ten Books We Picked Up On A Whim

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Today's topic is: Ten Books I Picked Up On A Whim (however you decide to interpret that (bought or read or something else) -- I know most people read based on recommendation but we want to know those books you picked up without really hearing about or knowing much about!)

Jana's Picks

I LOVE randomly discovering books on my own. I read a lot of book based on reviews and buzz, so when I find a book I love all on my own it's like I found gold during a treasure hunt. I wish I could do this more often, I just review so many books and receive so many from publishers that unless I read something published before 2009 I pretty much know what I'm getting into. That's not to say I don't LOVE receiving and reviewing new books. Sometimes it's just fun to dust a few oldies off my shelves that I found before I started blogging. Anyway, on to my picks!

1. Instructions for a Broken Heart by Kim Culbertson: All I knew was that it was set in Italy (my one true love) and there was a broken heart in there. I'd never read a review or knew anyone who had read it. I just found it and wanted it and ended up loving it!

2. The Conspiracy of Us by Maggie Hall: Spies and romance. That's all I knew. Plus, it was a debut and those always end up on my radar because I host the Debut Author Challenge on my own blog. This ended up being one of my favorite novels, and I had heard nothing about it.

3. Love, Lucy by April Lindner: This is another Italy situation. lol. I was SO excited about this book and I LOVED it.

4. Cinder by Marissa Meyer: I received Cinder for review and read it pretty much immediately because I was a brand new blogger and had received hardly any review books. All I knew was Cinderella and cyborg. Again, I had not read one review and I honestly thought I would hate it because sci-fi was so not my thing. All these years later, The Lunar Chronicles is my favorite series.

Jamie's Picks

5.  Losing The Light by Andrea Dunlop: I randomly was scrolling through Edelweiss and saw this for review. I hadn't heard anything about it but it sounded like something I might like so I downloaded it. Then I devoured it and stayed up wayyy too late. I'm glad I downloaded it on a whim!

6. With Every Breath by Lia Riley: This is a case of where picking something up on a whim DID NOT work for me. I was really craving a NA romance (which I'm really picky about) and this one sounded REALLY good to me. I don't follow much of what's hot in NA because I basically just read based on NA recced TO ME or from people I super trust who are raving about a NA book. But I was like HMMM romance + travel? YES. I figured I would give it a chance. However, I reallyyyyy didn't like this book. Ah well, you win some and you lose some. HOWEVER...I probably need to stop picking up NA romances on a whim since I'm so picky. 

7. Wytches by Scott Snyder: I kept passing this at the library when it was on the new items shelf and I was finally deciding I wanted to give comics a try so I picked it up on a whim after not hearing anything about it even though I had many more comics on my TBR that I had heard about from a bunch of people. However, once I read what it was about I was just like "what do I have to lose?" I ended up really liking it..not loving it..but liking and really looking forward to the next volume!

Lauren's Picks

8. The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon: I just snatched this one off a shelf at Target one day. I think I barely even skimmed the back cover description of the book. This book ended up being one of the creepiest books I've laid eyes on. I can't wait to read the author's next book, The Night Sister.

9. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell: I've sang Rainbow Rowell's praises before, I this is just book was so far from my usual genre, you couldn't poke it with a 10 foot pole. I don't even know why I bought it, besides it being on sale. I told the boyfriend to pick out a book for me one night, as I have many times, and low and behold -- this was one that he picked. I am still glad he picked it. I loved it and it led me to read even more books by the author.

10. Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer: Yet another book bought on my kindle for no real reason. I don't think I even read the summary on this one. And wow. I absolutely loved it. I loved all the characters. I loved the world they lived in. I love the author. Yes. I went there.

Tell us what books you picked up on a whim!


  1. Ooh nice ones! Cinder was more one I decided to read after I won a copy. Though it wasn't until Scarlet that I was hooked!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  2. Okay so I've only read or heard of Cinder and Attachments which I both loved! Always great finding books.

  3. I forgot I got Cinder on whim (during a past 24 Hour Readathon, the author was making donations to a charity every time someone read one of her books, so I picked Cinder up on audio and started listening). Belzhar is still on my TBR shelf- but I will get to it!

  4. The Conspiracy of Us was an audiobook I kind of picked up on a whim.
    Check out my Top 10

  5. I love Cinder and Wytches. Great lists. :)

  6. I LOVED The Winter People. SO creepy. Sadly The Night Sister is nowhere near as good. It felt like she rushed it or something. It feels unfinished.

  7. I have just bought The Winter People and hope to start reading it soon. Guess I have to make sure my husband is not on business trip or something then though.

  8. here is my answer http://tickmick.blogspot.com/2016/05/top-ten-tuesday.html You can translate my blog from swedish to english if you'd like :)

  9. Love your choices. I also picked up Attachments on a whim but unfortunately I didn't like it.
    Our full list is here! - http://twobookthieves.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/ten-books-picked-up-on-whim.html

  10. Attachments made my list too!:)

  11. There is a kind of magic when you find a book on a whim, isn't there? I had a tough time coming up with 10 titles, though - so much of my reading is PLANNED these days! :)

  12. Oooo... I have The Winter People! I got it in a box of randoms a publisher sent me. I will have to take it out of my trade pile and read it. :D

  13. Cinder is also a book I bought on a whim. I hadn't heard anything about it, but the cover was intriguing. Plus, I love sic-fi.

  14. The Conspiracy of Us is so much fun! And of course I love Cinder.

    Will y'all be updating the topics list soon? :)

  15. So sorry to be a day late! Blogspot and I had to battle it out to get this one done! It kept locking up and going all wonky on me! Then when I thought I had it, I had to rekey more than half the text in again!


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