Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Ten Bookish Problems We Have

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 Bridget says....

1. I’m getting old. No, seriously guys. I remember my parents talking about how they could never read all that much because it made them fall asleep, and I remember scoffing because how could you fall asleep while reading, reading is awesome! But now…I’m lucky if I get through two chapters before my eyelids get heavy. And that goes for almost every book I’ve read recently. Maybe I need to get my eyes checked.

Kimberly says....

2. MOVING. I moved twice in six months. Moving my books? Even worse than moving my ridiculously heavy couch. I now have all of my books nicely organized in my living room and library. We don't even think about moving to another house because neither me or the Mr. want to move my books. AGAIN.

3. Choosing which edition to buy. It's a serious dilemma! UK edition? US? I have two editions of Harry Potter, the original US hardbacks ( midnight release hardbacks!) and the gorgeous new paperback editions. I'll be adding the new illustrated editions too....

Jana says....

4. I want to read everything at the same time! It never fails. I'll be reading one book I've been DYING to read while longingly looking at my shelves at another book I'm DYING to read. I wish I had the brain to read 5 books at once and keep up with them all, but I'm a 1 (sometimes 2) book kinda girl.

5. I don't have enough space! I love physical books, but I have so many that they are becoming furniture. I love ebooks because they take up no space. But how do I decide when to buy a physical copy and when to buy a digital one? I like pretty covers. I love owning physical copies of my favorites so I have something to read when the apocalypse comes and electronics are no more (haha). I don't know what to do!!

Julia says....

6. Series! Everything is a series. I am not particular about many things, but I am about reading or watching something in the order it was intended. It doesn't matter to me if it can 'stand alone'. I must read everything in order! It makes things really difficult sometimes when I hear that book 3 of a 6 book series is wonderful and I should read it. But I can't until I read one and two. Also, finishing a series is almost impossible.

7. This goes along with my last one but forgetting what I have read in between reading books in a series. So book 1 is published in a certain year, and then even if it is only a year later, it is so hard for me to remember specifics about book one! That is one of the reasons I love it when I write reviews of books in a series. I can use it to jump start my memory of events. I will definitely have to use wikipedia to remind me of the events in A Song of Ice and Fire for when (if ever) Winds of Winter comes out!

Jamie says....

8. I can never ever return my library books on time: NO SERIOUSLY. I have no reason half the time other than I'm just too lazy to go or I forget about them. I mean, my money could be going towards worse things but BASICALLY I KEEP THE LIBRARY OPEN WITH MY "donation."

9. I always forget about the books on my Kindle: I'm a physical book kind of gal but I totally love my kindle! Especially for egalleys. But I tend to forget about the books on there because I will always grab for a physical book first when I survey what I have available to me to read.

10. I have books on my shelves that I bought at least 6-8 years (or more) ago that I've never read: I just get so distracted. I get all excited and buy books and then I forget about them because the next new shiny thing comes back. I've culled some because my tastes have changed but I feel REEEAALLY guilty about some of them still being there. Going to try harder to read those!

Tell us your bookish problems!!


  1. Were you ladies peeking at my list. :) Many of these made my list too. I can't read more than one book at a time. I like to read a series in order. No space here either.

  2. Great list! I'm always late returning my books as well! I have paid the library so much over the years but I guess they could use the cash.lol

    My TT: http://betweenyabookends.blogspot.com/2015/02/top-10-book-problems-we-have.html

  3. I think it's physically impossible for me to return my library books on time!!! I'm pretty sure i have new fines now. And I checked out 5 new books yesterday. Yes, I have a problem. *cries*

  4. YES to #6! People are always recommending books that are in the middle of a series, and I feel like I won't properly appreciate it without reading the first book(s), but then what if the previous books are terrible and that makes me like the recommended book less? Such difficult decisions...

  5. Haha everybody complains about book space. It's specially hard when you live a nomad life and want to buy books. That is what got me to buy my e-reader. But now I have a new place, big enough to keep books and I start to buy them again.

    And number 6... it is why I find it so hard to start a series. I had it with Cinder, to get to Cress. And I don't regret any bit of it. But I don't often enjoy books that are "introductory"... sometimes I just don't do the rest after such books. I think each book should be equally good in order to be an enjoyable series. No matter what they say about how book 3 of Twilight was better, I can't get myself to read book one. So I know I will never read book 3... that's how I roll.

  6. I never pay library fines. They love me so much there that they cancel them for me. Although I rarely have fines because I can renew online. I only had 5 for my list this week.

  7. Lol I have managed of these issues. Especially not returning library books on time I never do and sometimes never even read the books because I forget about them.

    Megan @ http://readingawaythedays.blogspot.co.uk

  8. Hmmm...I'm a "read a series in order" person too. I talked about that in my "problems" list. I relate to all these issues. Are we all broken? Nope, we're just readers.

    1. Haha at least we ALL have the same problems really. Makes me feel less alone considering most of my IRL people aren't readers!

  9. I have many of the same and more. Not sure what that means about me and my problems with books!!😳


  10. Moving books is terrible. My biggest problem is forgetting a plastic tote of them because I forgot I had that many books. Whoops! That tells you how often I read that tote of books.

  11. Moving is a very real issue. So many friends have told me to just get digital books so that it's one less book to pack, but it's just not the same!

    Debating between US and UK covers is so hard. I avoid making the decision by getting both ;)

  12. There are so many books I have bought over the years that are still sitting there waiting to be read. I feel bad about it, and then a new book comes out that I just HAVE to read. One day, I'll get to them.

  13. Bridget I agree with you on that one. I never thought it was an old thing but more of a tired from being too busy thing. Humm! Jana yes to #4 and #5 Me tooo! Jamie your #10 should have been on my list too. LOL!

  14. I didn't even think about moving! Moving is already Stressful. With books, its EVEN WORSE.

    My Top Ten Tuesday Post

  15. These are all so true!! Especially number 1. It happened to me for the FIRST TIME yesterday. I fell asleep reading "Lorna Doone", not because it's boring, but just because I was so tired.

  16. Yes! Moving books is such a pain! They're so heavy, and you can't put them in big boxes because then you won't be able to lift them, which means you need so many boxes. It's a nightmare! But I love my books too much to part with them when I move. :)

  17. I relate to every single one of these! I always think of it as a donation when I pay my library fines =P

  18. I can so relate to these :)
    Great list!

  19. I wish I could have a whole room in my house for a library, complete with comfy chairs and plenty of sunlight. We have a small apartment so even our two bookcases (full to bursting) are a little much.

  20. Moving with lots of books is the WORST. Getting old and not speeding through books like you used to is the second worst.

  21. I still haven't moved all my books from my mother's house to our current house. This is the second move.There's more shelf space at her place. My mother and brother are asking when I will finish moving them, and my husband keeps saying, "You're not planning to bring them ALL here, right?"

  22. Ah the joy of moving books. My own family has refused to ever help me again due to the sheer number of books it was. And it does make the furniture moving seem easy. The good thing is the boxes of books stack nicely but I HATE packing them all up and the reorganize them onto new shelves.
    Here’s My TTT

  23. I can relate to several of those.

    Just as a question of curiousity, when are you guys going to publish new Top Ten Tuesday topics on the TTT page? The current list is only till March 10th.

  24. Oh, I absolutely feel your pain! I'm always paranoid about forgetting library books, but all the other ones were true. I remember when we moved, and then I had to frantically search through all the books to find what I wanted. The series one was on my list too!

  25. One of my biggest problems is when I'm reading a really big book and want to take it with me somewhere. That 1000 page hardcover isn't going to easily fit in my already full backpack, and when you pull that out in public, you get some strange looks!